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After watching a bunch of episodes of “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away” and “Nightmare Tenants,Slum Landlords”, I feel compelled to tighten up my screening. I think I am finally going to complete and register the paperwork to access Mrlandlord online credit checks. Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

The company that we have been doing credit checks with just informed us that they have stopped this service. Who do you use?

I just signed up for Mr Landlord’s tenant screening service. They have a lot of options and reports available. I wanted to know what kind of reports do most people get…?

My question is does anyone use the credit, background, and past eviction check site listed at the top of this site?

Do you have a requirement on max Credit Used from a credit report?

What is the lowest score you accept?

How do you report to Credit Agencies if a tenant left owing money?


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