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The best phone number to reach us is the toll-free number above when you have questions or need assistance with signing up or utilizing one or more of the screening or reporting services. We will be glad to help you get started.
Our phone hours have been extended to better serve you. We are now available to 6 days a week by phone. Our screening offices are located on the West Coast.
We can be reached Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am pacific time to 8:30 pacific time. (11:30 eastern to 11:30 eastern).
We are also available on Saturdays from 10 am to 5pm pacific time (1pm to 8pm eastern).
EMAIL: You can also email us at serviceagreeement@MrLandlord.com.

PASSWORD RESET: For help resetting your password, watch the video below:

Questions or assistance needed? Credit Check Customer Service 1-888-294-4640. Open Your Free Tenant Screening Account Today! Register Now!

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